Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Few Extra Hugs...

Life lately had been filled with lots of ups and downs. I have referred to the "roller coaster" before, but these last few weeks have been different. It has been emotionally draining at work, combined with the anxiety surrounding Ella's adenoid surgery. I am relieved to write today that she is doing well following the procedure. It took a few days to bounce back, which is normal for anyone post-op. She is back to school now and hopefully feeling much, much better. The surgeon told us her adenoids were far worse than he expected and she should have dramatic improvements in speech, breathing, sleeping and eating. Our fingers are crossed!! She was such a good patient, even battling a nasty stomach bug just 24 hours before the operation. In true Ella fashion though she handled every aspect of it like a brave girl.

My happy patient! Doing well
after her surgery.
 Ella's strength and resolve is what makes me so proud to be her mother. I have certainly held her a little closer, hugged both Ella and Avery a lot more over the past few weeks. I have reported on tragedy after tragedy this month at work. Every story making me even more grateful for what I have. There are parents here in the capital region of New York that no longer have the chance to hug their children. 20 families in Newtown, Ct are struggling with how to move on, how to celebrate Christmas without the people they love the most. These stories have weighed heavily on me.

A tragic car accident took the lives of two local high school seniors. I cried just reading the hundreds of tweets and seeing the community come together to say goodbye. Days later I was wiping away tears as I stood in the back of the funeral for a fallen Marine. Then a senseless act of violence erupted on a Friday morning. I was filling in on the anchor desk. During the noon hour, the horrific details of the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school were reported. The producer in my ear saying 12 kids...18 kids...20 kids, the changes by the minute almost unbelievable. It took everything I had inside me not to cry. My voice cracking as the death toll continued to rise. It was hands down one of the hardest days I have had on the job.

We are now one week away from Christmas. It is supposed to be the most magical times of year. I look at both of my beautiful girls and want nothing more than to give them the best holiday ever. I want them to be excited for Christmas...to have that same feeling I had as a child. If I have realized anything in the recent weeks it is that you have to live for these moments. You have to enjoy the special times and make wonderful memories. I don't want to take any minute for granted.
The two lights of my life!