Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tall and Skinny

It's been a busy week getting back into our routine after the holiday's. We had a check-up with Endocrinology on top of everything yesterday. I have been anxiously anticipating this visit for a few weeks now, but not because I was so curious about Ella's gains. I have been going back and forth with the doctor since before Christmas about changes to Ella's meds and some other issues I feel they have overlooked. I need her records to take to Children's Hospital in a few weeks and it seems all of a sudden the doctors here in Albany want to be extra vigilant. I appreciate the efforts, however this is the way I feel we should have been treated from the beginning. I am constantly calling for lab results and expressing my concerns about every little issue. I understand they see several patients, but I also think they are not doing their job well when I can't even get a phone call to let me know that my daughter's blood work shows her levels are low and her medicine doses need to be adjusted significantly!

Okay rant over (for now) -- As for yesterday's appointment, it was overall positive. I have seen some improvements in Ella since we increased her Synthroid and growth hormone doses. She has more energy, her skin is getting better, and she is coping with things more appropriately. She now stands at 32.5 inches tall....a jump of 2 inches in just three months! We are all very happy to see such gains. I knew she grew. She certainly looks much taller and she can get into more trouble (like pulling plates off the counter and opening doors on her own!) Her weight is another issue. We affectionately refer to her as our little rack of ribs these days. She weighs 23 lbs...a gain of only 3 ounces in three months. This too was an expected outcome. She is a skinny kid. It's not for lack of trying. She eats pretty well and we are constantly feeding her snacks throughout the day. Part of the issue may be from the fact that her meds were off for a bit. The other issue is the jump in height. She is growing so quickly that it is hard to pack on the pounds (I wish I had that problem these days, haha!) Dr. Gleason was not concerned. Ella is finally sneaking on to the growth charts in the 1% range these days.

We head to Boston in a few weeks for a consultation with Dr. Holm and Dr. Hirschorn. Hopefully we'll get some more answers. In the meantime, ice cream sundaes for everyone to celebrate progress (and maybe fatten Pnut up!)

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