Monday, November 26, 2012

It's All About Early

Christina and me...don't we look well rested ;-)?!
In the news business, we move around a lot. I have lived in four cities in the past 12 years. There are people that you meet along the way that you stay in touch with forever. I have been in Albany for five years now and gotten to know some very nice co-workers. We often spend holidays together and always seem to work strange hours, so getting along with these people is usually pretty important. I believe now more than ever that there are certain people that come in your life for a reason.

In the early morning hours, I have been fortunate enough to have a wonderful friendship with Christina, our morning anchor. We were both pregnant at the same time three years ago...and working nights. Ella and Christina's son Luke were born just five days a part. They both decided to surprise us with early deliveries and they have continued to surprise and amaze us for more than three years.

Luke has down syndrome and Christina deals with many of the same therapies and school stuff that I do.  It is surprising how similar our lives are. Luke is doing awesome and Christina is a tireless advocate. Tireless being the key word. We both come in at 3:30 in the morning, usually on just a few hours of sleep! What started as just a few passing conversations about the awesome progress our kids are making has developed into a morning therapy of sorts. I look forward to our morning chats in the make-up room. I always know she will just "get it". We both work these early morning hours, rush home to the kids, and deal with all the other daily issues. Whether it's how to help Ella or Luke or how to manage to get enough sleep, I know our morning chats will always be lively. Christina is always finding new ways to help our children learn and to make sure they are reaching their potential. She knows how elated I feel when Ella reaches a milestone. She can also feel my pain and frustration with the constant battles over health issues, or any other road block I seem to be facing. In turn, I hope that I can be that comfort for her as well. We have been thrown into this world of doctors and integrated learning, physical therapy, speech pathologists, shoe orthodics and special diets. The list goes on and on and we seem to always be adding something new. How many other people can discuss the best use of social stories, or how to find the right ear drops with me and then turn around and discuss the crisis in the middle east!! It's a world we wouldn't have imganied for ourselves, but have managed to (continue to) conquer.

Thank you, Christina for being a good listener, a tremendous advocate for children with special needs, a cheerleader, and a friend! I look forward to 4am tomorrow :-)
An out-take...laughing our way through the morning...
some times laughter is the best medicine!

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to a friend. Keep up the work you are doing for special needs kids. The love you receive back will be worth the struggles you and they go through. God bless you.