Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Avery!

Dear Avery,

Today you turn the big 1! I can not believe how fast this year went by. You made quite the entrance last year on Memorial Day weekend, surprising your Dad and me as a May baby. We couldn't have been happier on that night to welcome you into our family. You have kept us on our toes ever since. You are a little girl with a BIG personality. You are beautiful, with the most stunning, big, blue eyes. You are a happy girl, greeting us with a smile when we rescue you from your crib every morning. You also have a fierce attitude. If you don't agree with something, you certainly let us know. You found your voice very early, and are always ready to give us an "earful" (even if we can't understand you yet!)

We thought we knew a lot about having a little girl, but you have proven us wrong in so many ways. You couldn't be more opposite of your sister, yet you compliment each other so well. We love to see you looking up to Ella and so eager to play with her and Lucy. Don't worry, some day they will (have to) include you. For now, continue to be that little nudge!

Don't lose your tenacity and determination. You will figure out that iphone soon! Also, keep showing us that we don't have this parenting thing down pat quite yet. You wouldn't want us to get too comfortable.

Daddy and I wish you a happy first birthday. We can't wait to see what you are up to next. Maybe you'll even get a few teeth soon ;-) Until then, we know you will have no problem enjoying your cake. We love you!

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