Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Ella!

Dear Ella,

Four years ago on a stormy Monday night you gave your father and me the best titles we could ever ask for...Mom and Dad.
I can't believe how fast the time has passed and now the birthday countdown we have been talking about for weeks is over...you are 4! I love how proud you are to tell me your age and show me with your four fingers. You have had a HUGE year. You have grown into a beautiful, smart, happy, loving, girl. Today you will perform in your first ballet recital. You have worked so hard all year practicing your dance and following your teachers directions. You don't even have to take the stage yet for Daddy and me to know that you are our star.

Four years ago, "they" told me you might not be able to do this or that. I am sure the doctors and specialists who analyzed samples in a lab and scoured medical text books for answers NEVER thought you would be on stage on this day. In fact, just walking and talking and doing lots of things four year olds do didn't seem in the realm of possibility if you asked them then. Boy were "they" wrong.
First dance recital, June 15, 2013

This year you have accomplished so much. I love to see you run down the hallways at school, skip across our living room and TELL ME  you love me. You have excelled in your pre-school class (thanks to some outstanding teachers and therapists). You're a terrific big sister (even when Aves is pulling your hair and stealing your toys). You surprise us every day with new words and sentences and an awareness of the world around you that is so fresh, innocent and exciting. May you always keep this trait.

We have been reading "If I Could Keep You Little" at bedtime lately. I cherish these moments with you...snuggling in your new big girl bed and reading the story over and over. I know that I can not keep you little and I know there are even more fun times ahead., but some times I would love to slow down time just a bit or freeze an extra special moment to re-live over and over. I can't wait to see what this year brings. Happy Birthday to my amazing little Pnut!

Mom and Dad

"If I could keep you little, I'd keep you close to me. But then I'd miss you growing into who you're meant to be."


  1. Happy Birthday Ella! Enjoy the dance recital! It's amazing how quickly time goes by. I have four kids and my youngest will graduate from high school next Saturday. Doesn't seem possible! So many great memories though!

  2. Such a beautiful blog for a beautiful little Pnut...Nicol, you are such a wonderful Mommy and a great person. Your little girls are so very lucky to have you and their Daddy in their lives. You have touched my heart just reading your blog for the first time. It made me cry. I've never heard of this book, but as a 56 yr. old mother of 3 and Grammy of 2 miracle grandbabies, I am going to be sure to find this book so I can read it to them. Enjoy every moment with your little ones...I'm sure I don't need to tell you that, but the time does go by so very fast. And now it goes by so fast with my grandkids, 3 yrs and 7 months old. I'm so lucky and blessed to be able to watch them every day for our daughter. She's an Elementary Spec. Ed. teacher (11 yrs.) and I am so very proud of her love and dedication to not only her children, but to her students as well. I will be sure to tell her about this book and your blog. Thank you so much for sharing such precious moments <3