Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sesame Street Fun

All eyes on the show...Sesame Street Live 2012
Ella is feeling much better and it was time to have some fun this past weekend. Erin and Lucy came for a visit and we went to see Sesame Street Live. They got all dressed up in their pretty dresses and hit the theater like the two sassy girls they are!

This was the second time we have taken Ella to a live show. She enjoyed it last year...but LOVED it this year. I don't think she blinked the entire time. She was totally engrossed in the singing and dancing and of course all of her favorite characters. Lucy was pretty happy too, but sitting still is not that fun for Lucy. She would have much rather been up on the stage dancing along side Elmo :-)

Getting ready to dig into her ice cream sundae.
  After the show, we treated the girls to dinner at Friendly's. Not the fanciest of places, but perfect for our two little monkeys. They chowed down on chicken fingers and finished off a really fun day with some ice cream sundaes. We need to fatten Ella up. She lost about four pounds (four more than she could afford to lose) while she was in the hospital. She is literally a rack of bones now, so it was great to see her dig into her sundae and finish every last bite!

 I think Ella smiled almost all day long. She was so happy to be out and about doing something fun, spending time with family, and of course enjoying a sweet treat. It put a smile on my face too and warmed my heart. I have spent so much time worrying about her and keeping such a close eye on her that you forget to enjoy the little moments. Time goes by so quickly. I need to remind myself of that constantly and take that extra moment to enjoy her precious laugh and beaming smile.

mmmm...the cone is the best part!

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