Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On The Charts!

Ella is just a few days away from turning 3! It's hard to believe that she is growing up so fast. She really is a BIG girl now. Not only is she handling her big sister duties very well. She has gained a new level of independence now that I have my hands full with a new baby. She has also grown a lot taller and stronger. In fact, Ella is finally on the growth charts! At her recent three year old well visit we learned that our 27 lb 34 inch toddler is in the 16% for weight and the 2% for height. It may not seem like much, and yes she is still a Pnut, but she is growing and catching up. It's been a tremendous year for Ella.
Ella loves to ride her bike!

Ella took her first steps just about one year ago. I will never forget the day. It was June 14th (the night before her birthday). We had just gotten home from the pool and she was excited to see her balloon still floating in the living room. That balloon and a little bit of cheering from Jason and me was enough for her to take those first solo strides across the living room. I can honestly say it was one of the happiest days for us. I cried at the sight of her doing it all on her own. She had worked so hard for this. It was hours of time with Jen and Linda (our awesome PT's) that had finally paid off.

Today Ella is doing all the things a girl her age should be doing. She runs, jumps, climbs and pretty much finds every way possible to get into trouble. She has even shed some of her cautious ways as we have found her standing on her toy chest, jumping on the bed, and even climbing the tall slide at the playground.

As we get ready to celebrate another milestone with her birthday, I am excited to think about the future. I can't imagine what she will accomplish next. I know she has such a bright future and so many more exciting moments :-)

Caught climbing the toy chest!

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