Saturday, July 21, 2012

Give It A Shot

For more than a year now, Ella has been getting daily shots of growth hormone because of her hypopituitarism. Here's a link to a blog about the condition, hypopitui...what?

The growth hormone has had a tremendous impact on her life. She is growing at leaps and bounds and has gained so much strength. The shots are something she will have to continue for the rest of her life in order to grow normally. She will even require the injections into adulthood to help with her metabolism, etc.

She has the routine down pat. For the most part, she handles the shots very well. There have been plenty of nights when she actually sleeps right through the quick stick. Of course, she has nights when she knows it's coming and just isn't in the mood (luckily it's a rare occurrence). She has been particularly curious lately, so I have made an extra effort to keep her as involved as possible. At 3 years old, she now helps give herself her own shot! I was shocked to see her do it the first time I offered! I still have to do all the measuring and prep work. I will actually stick her as well and then she presses down the plunger in the needle to actually give the injection.

She's a pretty amazing little girl (but of course we already knew that!). I still cringe to give her the shot every night and I could NEVER give myself a shot. Way to go continue to surprise us every day!

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