Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Sister Love!

I have a feeling things are about to get VERY interesting in our house. Avery figured out how to get herself up on all fours this week. She isn't crawling yet...she gets ready and then looks at us wondering what to do next! It is very cute and incredibly exciting. This is a new experience for Jason and me. Ella didn't really crawl. She had her own timeline for meeting milestones. We still celebrated every moment and we will do the same with Avery. I was snapping pictures and sending Jason video messages all afternoon as Avery tested the (pre)crawling waters.

Ella even helped cheer on her baby sister, encouraging her and showing her what to do next. This was such a nice moment to see. It ended pretty quickly though. Just minutes later, Ella was pushing her sister out of the way. We are seeing a little more of this aggressive behavior. I turn my head for a second and Ella is ripping the paci out of Ave's mouth or snatching a toy from her hands. I have caught her pushing her over and even covering Avery's eyes by pulling down her headband. Lets just say we are not at the point of unsupervised play! The battles should be fun when Avery can crawl to any toy she wants. She is already eyeing Minnie Mouse and Doc McStuffins (Ella's favorites)

Ella is also finding her voice. A favorite phrase recently is "Enough Avery!". She loves to chime in when her sister is fussing. She even speaks up if Avery is happily babbling. I think she likes the little power trip. She is also likely mimicking me. I realize now I must say "Enough Ella" when she is mid meltdown or just having a whiny day. Looking on the bright side, at least she is listening and hears me.

Another favorite word from Ella is NO! She is definitely testing her boundaries with Jason and me. Her teachers also tell me she is becoming a bit more stubborn. Her easy going nature is being over powered by her desire for a little more independence. She gives her dad a hard time with just about every choice in the morning from getting dressed to what to have for breakfast. She also finds a lot of satisfaction in avoiding me at school pick up time. When her teachers tell her to get her coat or that it is time to go home, she boldly responds, NO! Some times it annoys me, but more often than not I LOVE to hear it. I don't want a bratty kid, but I do enjoy seeing Ella doing and acting how so many other 3 1/2 year old's act. If Ella wants to walk the walk and talk the talk, she'll also learn to pay the price. She is quickly learning that crossing the line and naughty behavior leads to a time out. I hate to break it to her, but little sisters take mental notes. She better be ready for Avery!

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