Monday, March 18, 2013

We have a crawler...

Aves is on the move! There is no stopping her now. She can crawl and climb and get into EVERYTHING. It is so much fun to see her actually crawling all around. This is a true first for us. We never experienced much crawling with Ella. She was a "butt scooter" for a while (much to the dismay of her PT's). She got to where she had to go, but for the most part I didn't have to worry about her getting into too much trouble. Things are different now. It only takes Avery a matter of seconds to get a hold of something new. We have named her "Tornado Tapp".

It only takes a matter of seconds
to level a book shelf :-)
She especially loves to be right with her sister and playing with all the same toys. She has emptied toy chests and leveled book shelves in a matter of seconds! I am not sure Ella knows what to think of her sisters new found mobility. Sometimes she just says no, no, no and moves her toys away, other times she obliges and lets her play. It is very cute to watch.

Seeing Avery crawl makes me realize a couple of things. It makes me excited. I couldn't wait for this day and when we finally saw her figure out how to move herself forward, it was just as sweet as I had imagined. It also made me realize how far Ella has come too. She has had to build up strength and work so hard just to do things that come so much easier with typical development. There were days (dark ones) when I would wonder if she would ever be able to walk or crawl or talk. Today she is doing all of that and more. As I watch Avery reach each new milestone with such ease, I remember not to take these moments or anything for granted.

Ella and Avery are strong in their own ways. Ella is strong willed. Avery is physically strong. Both of my children have made me a stronger person. I am so proud of them, fiercely protective and a tireless advocate. I have a different perspective on so many things today. I look at my life today and wouldn't want to be anything than what it is. It is perfect....despite every hurdle, doctors visit, triumph and set back.

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