Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wild Child!

I realize I haven't written for a while. I have been very busy with work and the kids and squeezing in some sleep here and there. I have been meaning to get this entry in though...today, I want to talk about Avery. She is my wild child! She is nearly 11 months old now and into just about everything. She crawls, climbs, wiggles and squirms her way into any spot she wants to be. If she can't get to where she needs to be or have what she wants, be prepared to hear about it. To say Avery is strong willed is probably an understatement. Don't get me wrong, she is a really good baby. We are having a blast experiencing all her "firsts". However, it is also a bit surprising to Jason and me. Ella was (and still is) a pretty calm kid. She takes her time with things and is pretty cautious. At times this can be frustrating, but now we find ourselves appreciating Ella's often tedious and methodical ways.

Avery wants to walk in the worst way. She is now finding anything she can push to get where she needs to go. She is not a fan of being contained. That means the swing, excersaucer, and any other confining apparatus is out of the equation. She climbs up the couch and thinks the stairs are her mountain to conquer. She has endless energy.

Avery would rather stand in the wagon!
Avery also loves to be near Ella. She may be just a baby still, but she truly adores her big sister. Her smile and excitement when she sees Ella in the morning and her strong desire to be playing with all the same toys at the same time is adorable to see (until the hair pulling starts, haha). I have a sister who I am very close with. I love that they are already building a beautiful bond. (I know I will be reminding myself of these words during their teen years) It also makes me think about the future and how I hope they continue to be close.
Ella on the slide..."look mom, no hands"

Things come very easily to Avery. Ella has to work hard to make her muscles do the things the way they should, to keep up with friends on the playground and in the classroom and to speak the words that come so naturally to others. You have heard me boast about her accomplishments endlessly. She makes me proud to be her mother every day. Avery also amazes me too. I know it's just the beginning. She will one day understand her sisters struggles. I hope and pray that Jason and I can instill in her the same believe, confidence and expectations we have for Ella. I want Avery to be so proud and yet protective of her big sister. It will be something that will set her apart from her friends and will no doubt make her a better person.

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