Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Don't Doubt Ella (EVER!)

Ella and Avery walking the beach!  
 I am a little late with this post. I guess you could say it took a few weeks to recover from the vacation hangover! We had a lovely week in Hilton Head this year. It was the first time we took a family vacation since Avery was born. It was a great week filled with the beach, sun, biking, golf and lots of good food. This was not only our first "family vacation", it was also Avery's first plane ride and the girls first real beach excursion. I have been going to Hilton Head with my family since I was a child. I couldn't wait to share this special place with my own children. I went into the week so excited for them...figuring every kid LOVES the beach. I had visions of building sand castles, splashing in the waves and walking the shoreline for hours on end to collect shells and other treasures. Needless to say this was not exactly our experience. Avery loved the water and running around. We came home with lots of shells and overall we made many happy memories.
Ella, however, was not a huge fan of the beach. The sand on her feet sent her into a tizzy and the ocean (specifically the tide and waves rolling in and out) was terrifying to her. Every time we felt progress was being made, she would revert back to tears. "All done, all done", she would yell as the water moved closer. Those first few afternoons on the beach were long. I felt badly for her and we tried everything we could think of to get her to relax and enjoy herself.

Since this was our first trip together as a family, I REALLY wanted to have some pictures taken on the beach. I wanted to capture this special time in our lives and these wonderful ages that the girls are at. Months before we arrived, I scheduled a photographer to meet us at the beach. Once we were in Hilton Head, I began to panic and even contemplated cancelling the shoot. Ella's beach woes were stressful. I had visions of her completely freaking out, crying and refusing to cooperate. As much as I had wanted the pictures, I also didn't want the drama to ruin a great week.

 I was quickly put in my place the night of the shoot. I was reminded (as I have been sooo many times), don't ever doubt Ella. She came through with flying colors the night of the pictures. Both girls looked beautiful. Ella smiled so brightly and never once let the sand or ocean bother her. I was humbled by my 4 year old once again. The night was extra special. I got my family pictures and I was also reminded of how fortunate I really am.
Hilton Head Island, 2013

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