Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Good Talking

Ya, Help, Stuck, Buh-bye...

Avery is talking! She is a bold 14 month old with a mind of her own and no problem expressing herself. This is a totally new experience for Jason and me. Like so many other milestones, the words just come so easy for Aves. Almost every day she has a new word. Ella has taken notice too. She even praises her sister. The other day in the car I just had to laugh when Ella burst out with, "good talking Aves!". Ella must hear me and so many other people (Jason, Jess, Renee, Erin, etc) say this all the time to her. I am almost hyper focused on every aspect of Ella's speech. When she has a new phrase or says something a little clearer, I am sure to let her know. She is really stepping up her game too. Five and six word sentences, asking questions and even expressing her own feelings are just some of the huge accomplishments we are celebrating these days.

Paging Dr. Tapp!

It seems like we have all the right ingredients. Ella has patient and consistent teachers. She has very good peer models. Her buddy Alesia has been by her side in the classroom since last September. If you didn't know better, you may think Alesia was a six year old with the vocabulary she has. It's a great example for Ella. Another wonderful model is my niece and Ella's BFF Lucy. They are 17 months apart and closer than I could have ever hoped for. Lucy is a chatterbox and a leader. She is always encouraging Ella. It's adorable. Perhaps the best motivator for Ella is her sister. It's been with Avery's new language that we have truly seen a difference in Ella. Her slow and steady progress which at times seemed tedious and plateaued has been amped up by a need to out-talk Avery. She is cementing her spot as the big sister and raising her voice in the matter!

I LOVE to hear the chatter in the backseat of the car. My day is made when Ella asks me "whatcha doin Mamma?". Her words are clearer, her sentences are longer and her world has opened up just a little bit more. I hope it continues. I hope this healthy competition stays just that. I never want either girl to feel burdened by the other. They may not know how good they are for one another now, but some day in the future I hope each realizes the value of their sister. 

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  1. It is SO amazing how children can have such an influence on their siblings! My daughter has been an elementary spec. ed teacher for 11 years now and is amazed at how some of them just love to help one another. They learn so much from their teachers/aides, but I think they learn just as much from their siblings and friends. Great job Aves and Ella. They are amazing little girls <3