Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Behind Bars

Ella loves to shake the gate in protest!
We are now living in a "gated community"....nope, we haven't moved to some ritzy suburban subdivision, our townhouse has been transformed into a holding tank of sorts! We have a lot of stairs (too many to count) and it was time to put up the gates to hopefully avoid a major tumble. We have a gate at the top of our stairs from the entrance way, a gate at the bottom of the stairs up to our bedrooms on the second floor...and soon a third gate will be installed at the top of that staircase. Needless to say the gates are an adjustment for everyone. Ella seems to be wondering why she can no longer freely climb the stairs. Tucker gets trapped upstairs, downstairs and in the living room. For Jason and I, it's the mechanics of the gates (they lock shut) that seem to slow us down!

Like every adjustment it will take time to get used to. Looking at the bigger picture though, we really managed to live gate free for longer than we thought. The gates are also another sign of improvement when it comes to Ella's milestones. She is a full fledged walker now and is really enjoying exploring her new territory. So as I stumble down the stairs and fumble with the gate at 3am (to get to work)...I have to remember to thank by blessings for the opportunity to even have to worry about the gates in the first place :-)

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