Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good, Good, Good!'s the word of the week at our house! Ella has lots of new words, like "good job" and "good girl". She loves to hear you tell her how good she is doing. She will even remind us nicely if we forget once or twice to tell her.

We also got some very good news from the endocrinologist. The results of the Cortisol (nightmare) test that we had done a few weeks ago came back perfect. Ella's numbers were normal. Dr. Ridick and Dr. Gleason were very happy to see this, but not happier than Jason and me. After a summer of lots of changes/medicines/procedures for Ella, it was wonderful to hear that her cortisol is fine. She will not have to repeat the test any time soon. The plan moving forward now will be to monitor Ella's cortisol levels every three months and this can be done with the blood work that she has done routinely. Yay!
Ella enjoying breakfast track side at Saratoga.
We celebrated the good news with a day at the Saratoga race track. My parents came to visit for the weekend and we decided to spend the day at the track. We have been going to the track just about every summer that Jason and I have lived in New York. We even took Ella when she was just 6 weeks old (looking back, we were nuts!) It was a beautiful morning to sit right at the edge of the track and enjoy breakfast and watching the horses warm up. We walked off breakfast with a trip to downtown Saratoga and a ride on some pretty pony's in the carousel. 
Taking a spin on the carousel
We have all been so busy, and then on vacation, so this was the first time Nan and Pa had the chance to see the progress Ella has made. She was a show-off...strutting her stuff. They were amazed with her new strength and especially her confidence. Our little pnut even brought a little good luck with her this year...both my parents won at the track!

Ella strolling around Saratoga with Pa.
I have so many good feelings...proud to see Ella gaining so much independence, happy to spend time with my parents, and love that they enjoy these special moments with their grand daughter. My mom has always told me to think positive. I guess this weekend is just living proof that once again mom is always right :-)

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