Friday, September 2, 2011

HUGE Personality!

There is little doubt that Ella does NOT have any of Jason's reserved personality. There is not a shy bone in this girl's body. She loves anyone that will hold her. She is full of hugs every time she meets someone new. She is quite the social butterfly. That was very clear this week when she had to come along to a work event.

News 10 hosted a fundraiser for Irene relief at the Saratoga Race Track. I have been reporting on the damage all week and was asked to share some of my personal experiences on our evening shows.  The storm certainly left it's mark here in upstate New York. Record flooding has literally wiped out entire towns. It is so sad to see. Every story has been so emotional. I am always humbled when I am talking to someone who has lost so much and they can still smile and see hope in the future. It makes you step back and realize that everyday problems that stress you out are minor compared to the heartache and loss these people are dealing with.

Ella helping Dave get the show on the air.
I took Ella to the track fundraiser with me...the one thing about every tv station I have worked at is that they tend to be "family friendly". Ella has been to the studio plenty of times and is pretty familiar with many of my co-workers. I had no doubt she would be on her best behavior at the track. She was walking all around our track set.

Posing with Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings.
 She helped our producer Dave make sure the show was perfect. She was very well behaved for our field producer Nicole (who watched Ella during my live shots). She posed for photos with Albany Major Jerry Jennings and she was all smiles for Billy Fucillo, the owner of several local car dealerships. Billy has a HUGE personality (anyone who has seen the commercials would agree with this), but he had some competition with Ella. She hugged Billy and was all smiles like she has known him forever!
One of my great co-workers Nicole with a worn out Ella.
Being cute takes lots of energy!

It was a great day at the track. It am happy that I could bring Ella with me. I will be able to share these stories with her when she is older. The event made me proud to work for WTEN. I am very lucky to have so much...a beautiful little girl, a loving family, the best friends in the world, and a job that allows me to meet new people and learn something different every day to name a just a few things. The list of "good" in my life, in the words of Billy, is HUGE!
Ella with Billy Fucillo...Pnut meets HUGE!

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