Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So Long September....

Wow! We are already at the end of September. Where has the month/year gone?! Time flies when you are having fun....and we certainly have had a lot of fun this year. Ella continues to impress us with new things every day. It's hard to I believe that just six months ago we started her growth hormone therapy. The shots have become just a routine part of our day now. The benefits of growth hormone have made such a difference. I really feel it was the best decision we could have ever made for Ella.

I know that kids change so much, so quickly in a year, but I feel like for Ella the changes and growing she has experienced are almost at light speed. Looking at pictures from just six months ago really show how much she has changed....and going back to pictures from last fall, her growth is amazing!

Picking pumpkins last fall...look how tiny she looks. Wow!
We have a BIG appointment with endocrinology on October 4th. Dr. Gleason hasn't seen Ella since July 5th. (I am a little crazy about these dates...each visit marks a milestone in it's own right!) She has definitely grown in height since her last check-up. She even has some too-short pants now! Weight may be another issue. All the height combined with a lot more activity has turned Pnut into a string bean. I'm not overly concerned though since her eating is much, much better now. I really don't think we could ever have imagined one year ago where we would be today.

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