Monday, March 5, 2012

Daddy Days

The shirt says it all...and the feeling
is mutual!
 Ella is OBSESSED with her dad. She is clung to him like glue when he is home and calling and looking for him when he is away. Every time the phone rings she yells "dadda, dadda". This is really no surprise and nothing new. Ella and Jason have had a very close bond since day 1. He was with her around the clock in the NICU and was a very hands-on father right from the start. It seems that affection is even greater...especially lately. She runs into our room at 5am and begs for him to let her snuggle in (which he of course obliges, every time). She can't get enough of her dadda!

This is a wonderful problem to have, however the temper tantrums that happen when Jason is not available for her every need have grown into outrageous meltdowns. There is full out crying, tears, foot stomping, snorting, and at times a fall to the ground where the fist pounding continues. So far these meltdowns have only happened at home. I can only imagine how the first public outcry will go. I understand temper tantrums come with being a toddler...a right of passage of sorts. My problem is how to curb the tantrums, especially since this is probably the busiest time in the season for Jason. He will no doubt have many late nights this week as the team prepares for the first round of playoffs. Then the intensity of practice and planning only escalates the better the team does (of course we hope they WIN WIN WIN). How am I going to get through the next few weeks of tantrums...cardboard cutouts, recorded messages from Jason, etc??

Jason goes out of his way and above and beyond to spend every minute he can with Ella. He is also still the one getting her dressed, fed and out the door in the morning. He is also home for bedtime most nights and gets to tuck her in.  So they are certainly spending time together every day. The ironic part of this most recent cling-on behavior comes at a time when Jason has been traveling a bit less. He has made plenty of day trips, but that is no different than a regular work day. He hasn't had any long stretches away since January.

What is very clear though is I do not completely cut it in Ella's world these days. I am good for the basics, but I am clearly not her father, so no matter how fun I can make her the end she still needs her #1. Hopefully her love will remain strong, but her obsession will taper off (quickly). Hockey season has the potential to last until April 7th!!!

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