Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Miss Independent!

Ella is Miss Independent these days. She wants to do everything on her own...and we are loving it! This burst of self sufficiency couldn't come at a better time with her sister's arrival quickly approaching.

Her latest adventure is the stairs. My dad was visiting this weekend and was nice enough to install a hand rail that is the perfect height for Ella. Her school has little hand rails everywhere and I noticed picking her up every afternoon how happy she is to be able to walk down the stairs on her own. After talking with her PT's Jen and Linda (at great length), we decided to go for it and put up our own railing. It has been a great success! She goes up and down the stairs with a lot more confidence now. She still needs a little support by holding our hand, but it's certainly more of a security blanket at this point. In just the week that it has been up, she is noticeably stronger too. All that work on the stairs is making her skinny little legs a little more powerful!

Next up for the little girl who wants to do it all: POTTY TRAINING! We have "introduced" the potty a little here and and there (just not consistently) and she LOVES to flush the toilet (we call her the phantom flusher), I just have to get serious now about getting rid of the diapers!

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