Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And The Results Are.....

Six months....5.7 lbs....4 inches....these are Ella's stats from her Endocrinology visit today!

Weighing in October 4, 2011...22.7 lbs
Ella now tips the scales at 22.7 lbs and stands 30.5 inches tall. AMAZING! Today's visit went very well. Ella was happy to show off how much she has grown and developed. Since her last check up in July, Ella has gained 1.7 lbs and grown 1.5 inches. Her growth is still going very well and the growth hormone therapy is working. Dr. Gleason admitted she would have liked to have seen a little more of a weight gain with this visit, but attributes this to all of the activity and walking, etc that Ella is doing now. She's not too concerned about our little skinny minnie. Dr. Gleason did however change her dose a little. She bumped up the shots to keep up with Ella's growth. We also had routine blood work done to check her other hormone levels. Her thyroid medication may actually have to be adjusted as well. Of course, Ella was a trooper in the blood lab. We should have the results back in about a week.
30.5 inches!
Thank you to everyone who wished us well with today's visit. I can't say enough how much the incredible love and support from family and friends means to all of us!

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