Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crazy Busy!

I think this is the longest I have gone with a gap in my blogging. We have been crazy busy! The days are just flying by. It's hard to believe that we are nearing the end of October. In just the past week alone, we've had a trip to the pediatrician, a visit to the ER, meet the teacher night, and a check-up with the developmental pediatrician!

Ella is doing great and proved once again that she is amazing. The developmental pediatrician sees her every six months. He was very impressed with how much strength she has gained and how much more active she is. The last time Dr. Malone saw Ella was February. She wasn't walking or crawling then. She had really just gotten used to the Synthroid (thyroid meds) and hadn't even started the growth hormone. Dr. Malone was the one who really urged us to consider growth hormone. He has seen tremendous results and really felt this would help in Ella's situation. I am soooo glad we took his advice.

Dr. Malone did suggest that we increase Ella's time at school. He thinks she would really benefit from a consistent schedule. We decided to add another day of Toddler group. Ella will love this. At meet the teacher night, she was so excited to show me all the fun things in her classroom. Her teachers were great. They say Ella is a rule follower and doesn't really like when the other kids step out of line! She is also warming up to the other kids a little more too. They say she doesn't like when others invade her space! This will be great practice for pre-school next year. We already registered her in the Rensselaer School District. Time is flying!
Happy Girl! This is the day we registered with
the Rensselaer School District.
Now you're probably wondering about our trip to the ER! Last week, I noticed a rash on Ella and was immediately concerned about MRSA. She contracted MRSA (a staph infection that is resistant to many medications) when she was just a few days old in the NICU. At the time, my little newborn looked like she had chicken pocks all over her body. She was treated with IV antibiotics and the rash eventually cleared up. We had another bout with the "super bug" (as it is commonly known) when she was six months old and we discovered her belly button wasn't healing because of another MRSA infection. This is something she will likely always test positive for and it's hard to understand how she even gets the infection in the first place. The good news is we have found a medication that works to clear up the infection. This time, she had a pretty big sore and the pediatrician wasted no time prescribing the strong meds to clear it up quickly. For some reason, the sore got much worse and by Saturday morning it was almost the size of a nickel and very clearly infected. I took her to the ER, where they drained it. It was a painful procedure since they only used a little numbing cream. Ella was great through the entire thing. A few M+M's right after they were done also seemed to help wash away her tears. Here we are almost a week later and the MRSA seems to be just about gone. Her cut where the soar was is healing nicely. The whole event was much harder on me than Ella I think. She bounced back immediately!

We are getting ready for Halloween now. Ella LOVES her costume! She was so excited to try it on. We probably won't do much trick-or-treating on Monday, but she will get to wear her costume to the big Halloween parade in Woburn. We're going once again this year with many of our cousins. I can't wait to see the kiddos all dressed up!

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