Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stand Up TALL!

Look Mom, I can stand up!
Sometimes it seems like Ella is under a microscope because of all the therapy and doctors visits. So when she makes strides, it's always a celebration. Tonight we are celebrating! Ella can now get herself up to standing without having to pull up on something. It seems like such a natural thing that most kids manage to accomplish with little fanfare. However, for us, this is a goal we have had for a while. In true Ella fashion, she decided tonight was the night and she stood up and walked away like she has been doing it for years. Although I do think she may have even been just a little impressed with herself, since she practiced her new skill in front of the mirror for quite some time.

I love the excitement that I feel EVERY time Ella surprises us. It's almost like she knows when we need a little pick-me-up. While we are by no means sad or upset, there is always a worry. This morning it was the phone call telling us last week's blood work shows her growth factor is low again. Her levels dropped to 36 (normal is over 100). It's an easy fix. We just have to increase her growth hormone dose. In fact, Dr. Gleason says this just shows she is growing quickly and her body needs more of the medicine to continue her great progress. This is something we'll have to deal with and monitor for many years. The hope is that as Ella gets older, she'll be able to recognize when she's not feeling 100% and we can make adjustments accordingly.

So tonight we will boost her shot up a bit...and who knows, standing up on her own today....running tomorrow?!

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