Thursday, October 6, 2011

Giddie Up!

Today was Ella's fall carnival at school. It has been postponed twice because of rain, so everyone at Unity Sunshine was very happy the sun was shining today. The annual event is so much fun for the kids. They have face painting, a hay maze, bounce houses, a petting zoo and pony rides. I knew Ella would enjoy the day, but I never expected she would be as excited as she really was. She LOVED the goats at the petting zoo. I think she would have stayed there and pet the babies and fed them grass all day. In fact, when I arrived to pick Ella up her teachers couldn't wait for me to see her with her new "friends". They said today was one of Ella's best days and the animals seemed to bring out a lot of personality (and new conversation)!
Ella feeding the goats!
The pony rides were also a big hit. She took two turns around when I was there and kept asking for "more, more". I was amazed at how comfortable she was on Jellybean the horse. She held on to the saddle and rode around with so much confidence....and kept the pony working, kicking her legs when Jellybean slowed down.
A very confident Ella taking a ride with Jellybean.

This was such a great experience for Ella, my little animal lover. Now if we can just keep her from saddling up on Tucker, We'll be all set!


  1. Has anyone mentioned hippotherapy (horseback riding/PT) for Ella? We LOVE it! We go to a place in Glenville, but there is also one in Berne (I believe).

  2. Yes, we did look into hippo therapy for Ella, but at the time she was a little too young. It's definitely something we are interested in. Any information you could send me on some local places would be great! You can email me at