Friday, December 23, 2011

Big Girl, Big Night, Big Week!

It's been a week of firsts for Miss Ella! After weeks of waiting, and breaking in her new skates, she finally got to hit the ice. It was such a nice afternoon having the entire rink to ourselves. Jason and I were able to share something we love with the person we love the most. She did really well. It was awesome to see her huge smile as she marched across the ice holding Jason's hands.
We spent about 25 minutes on the ice and she was so happy the entire time. She kept looking at her feet....determined how to make those skates work like Mommy and Daddy. I am sure we will have plenty of more fun days on the ice.

I got this skating thing Dad!
Our little Pnut moved up the ranks to big girl this week too. She spent her first night in her new bed last night. We got her a toddler bed to make the transition from her crib. I really wanted this to happen now before her sister/brother arrives, so she doesn't feel like her crib has been snatched from under her when the baby is home.
All smiles trying out her new bed!
It was a pretty good first night. She fell right asleep, with only a few little disturbances overnight (she fell off the bed!) She was one proud girl when she realized she didn't have to wait to be rescued from a crib and could walk in to wake up Daddy in the morning! Things could get interesting now :-)

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