Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Wonder!

To say that I am frustrated with Ella's endocrinologist is an UNDERSTATEMENT! I have been questioning whether her thyroid hormone levels are correct for several months now (actually since June!) I have taken her for at least three blood draws to check and every time, the doctor seemingly brushed me off and said her levels were fine. I called again last week for another blood draw because Ella just seems to be a little off. She is sleeping lots, her skin is super dry (more than just winter dry), and she had a few other signs that I noticed a year ago before she was even diagnosed. At first I was told the results of the latest draw showed her thyroid levels to be borderline...and that they wanted to re-test. 24 hours later I got another phone call from the nurse who was backtracking big time. She said after "thorough review", the doctor decided to increase Ella's synthroid, without doing another blood draw. The history showed a decline in levels and she needs to go to one and a half pills a day...WHAT!! No wonder she hasn't seemed like herself. In one day she went from being borderline low to a significant increase in meds. I am thankful that I was at least persistent in having her tested multiple times. I hate to put her through so many needle sticks, but clearly it is best for her health at this point.

This was the final straw, solidifying my reasoning for heading to Boston for a second opinion. We have another check-up in Albany January 3rd. I am not expecting much from it. We head to Boston Children's hospital January 23rd where I am confident we will get more answers. In the meantime, I am optimistic that the new dose of synthroid will boost Ella's energy. She will hopefully be feeling good just in time for Santa's arrival.

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