Monday, December 12, 2011

Loving Lake Placid!

Ella and Jason taking in the view of Lake Placid
from the lobby of the 1932 rink.
If we weren't already feeling the holiday spirit, we do now after a wonderful weekend in Lake Placid. A Union hockey game was a good excuse for us to load up the car and head north for a little get-away. 

Pa and Ella enjoying some fun in front
of the hotel fireplace.
My parents joined us, making the weekend extra special. I have such wonderful memories of summers in Lake Placid at skating competitions. It was a blast to be back after nearly 20 years to share the magic of this beautiful little town with Ella.

Ella thought "hiding" behind the curtain in
the hotel room was hilarious!
 It was chilly, but the scenery was beautiful. There was just enough snow on the ground to look festive and not be a nuisance. There were all kinds of holiday events happening all around town. We saw Santa, there was Christmas music everywhere, and lots of good shopping! Our stay at the Golden Arrow Inn was Ella's first hotel experience. Who knew that one room could provide sooo much entertainment!

We packed a lot into our short stay. Ella wasn't a huge fan of being all bundled up in the stroller, but we did manage to make it a little fun for her too. She thought the bobsleds that were outside of many of the shops on Main St. were pretty cool!

Posing in one of the bobsleds on Main Street.

 By the time we got to the hockey game, she was loving that stroller. My mom was able to do laps around the 1980 rink and keep her away from the dreaded noise of the Union fans cheering on the team to a 5-2 victory (she is still not a fan of hockey games :-/)

Our big goal of the weekend though was to be able to take Ella skating for the first time. Unfortunately we missed the public skating session and a youth hockey tournament was consuming all the ice. It isn't quite cold enough for many of the outdoor skating areas in Lake Placid, so it looks like Ella's skating experience will have to wait a little longer. She is ready though. We finally found some little skates and of course she has a brand new skating dress! She has been practicing just walking on our carpet and has done surprisingly well. Hopefully we'll be able to try the real deal soon!
All ready for the rink!

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