Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Catching Up!

"Her progress and growth is remarkable."....that's what Ella's endocrinologist said to us today and it was music to our ears :-)

7/5/11 - Ella on the scale.
9.5 kg translates to 21 lbs!

After just three months on growth hormone Ella has gained 4 lbs and grown 2.4 inches!!! She now tips the scales at 21lbs and is 29 inches tall. Jason and I couldn't be more excited. We had a great check up with the endocrinologist. She feels her "catch-up" growth is right on target and at a pace that Ella is handling very well.

This is a shot of the device they use to measure Ella's height.
It's important to get an accurate measurement.

 All this growing has had a tremendous impact. Ella is a lot more active. In 3 months she has started walking, talking and communicating more, she is more interested in her toys, she sleeps better, and she actually has an appetite. She wouldn't sit still during her exam...and we all had a good laugh about what a difference three months makes.

This is just the beginning. The doctor has told us that it will take about 6 months to see the full effects. We will have another check-up in October. We will also have the results of her blood work in about a week. The doctor will then be able to determine if her dosage stays the same. It's a careful balance, but so far the hormone replacement is working. Big cheers for Pnut!

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