Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Ella and Jason loving the balloon ride at
Hoffman's Playland
 Ella is an adrenaline junkie. She loves the rush of speed. Hanging upside down insights belly laughs in an instant. The faster she swings at the playground, the bigger the smile. You would think she was fearless...that is until the National Anthem plays at a hockey game (or even on tv for that matter). You know when Ella is in the house, she's the one wailing at the top of her lungs. Jason knows instantly when we are at a game, as soon as the anthem starts, so does Pnut! It's a blood curdling, scared to death scream. You can usually hear her from anywhere in the building. I've tried everything, earmuffs, cuddling her close, singing along, sitting in the lobby....once she starts, the screams don't end until the song does. I am usually sitting with the same crowd of people at games. When "Oh say can you see..." begins, heads turn to Ella. It's become a joke among those closest to us. Why does she hate the National Anthem?? I've resorted to skipping the start of games in an effort to minimize the meltdowns.

Ella and Jason singing the Canadian Anthem
during the Stanley Cup Finals
 You could argue that she doesn't like the loud noise, but the Canadian anthem is a "happy" song. No tears when "Oh Canada" blasts through the arena. She sang along with Jason every night of the Stanley Cup finals (decked out in Canucks gear of course), yet when it was America's turn to salute, Ella's face turned from joy to horror. I guess those Canadian roots run deep :-)

Here's to hoping you have a Happy 4th of July! I am sure we will have a nice long as the anthem doesn't play!

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