Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nothing But The Best...

We started Early Intervention with Ella when she was three months old. We were referred to the program because of Ella's time in the NICU and her genetic diagnosis. Early Intervention is by far one of the best services that is offered to families in New York State. I have seen first hand the positive effects of one on one therapy in a home based setting.

We have three amazing therapists that have become a big part of our lives. We see them several times a week (most times more than we see our own families). Jen, Michelle and Linda help Ella with so many things, and they also do a great deal to keep Jason and I sane!

This is Ella when she was about 9 months old, working hard with Jen
on the medicine ball. Don't let the smile fool you!
Jen is Ella's physical therapist. She comes to our house once a week to help Ella get stronger. She works on things like walking, sitting, standing, and balance. Jen has the patience of a saint. Ella isn't always happy about working so hard, but she muscles through...with Jen always there to push her. Jen also helps Jason and I with techniques we can follow through with every day. Jen is a great teacher and we often say we would be lost without her guidance.
Ella and Linda at one of her first pool sessions. So funny to look
back at an old photo and see how much Pnut has grown!

Linda is Ella's pool physical therapist. She sees Ella twice a week at a therapy pool not far from our home. We started aqua therapy when Ella was about 8 months old. She LOVES the water. We have seen great progress too. She is much stronger and a lot more confident. We usually see Ella's progress in the pool translate into accomplishments on land a few weeks later. For example, Ella was walking independently in the pool for several weeks and then eventually had the confidence to give it a try in our living room! Linda is great with Ella and is always looking for new techniques to give Ella the best treatment.

Ella working on an art project with Michelle.
 Michelle always has a new activity to help motivate
Ella to make new sounds.
Michelle is Ella's speech therapist. She comes to our house twice a week to work on a range of things from talking of course, to sign language, and feeding. Michelle has given us so many great tips and suggestions. Jason and I have learned to use sign language to compliment speech. Ella uses several signs regularly. She is also starting to talk a lot more. It's amazing. Michelle is so much fun and seems to always have answers to our questions. She gets so excited when Ella has a new word or sound. She works Jason and I hard too...we frequently get homework!

Jen, Linda and Michelle are the best of the best in our eyes. We have so much respect and admiration for what they have done not only for Ella, but for all of us. I like my job, but these three women LOVE their jobs. It's not always easy to deal with a toddler (and one who is stubborn at times), but they never give up or show frustration. Although Early Intervention is only for children up to age three...I have a feeling we will have long lasting relationships with our therapists!

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  1.'s easy to LOVE your job when you get to play with Ella. Seriously, how hard is that?:) It's just as rewarding to us to have the family support and to move forward as a true we thank you for your commitment...and from me personally, your flexibility (with time ;). Go Ella! We will be your biggest cheer leaders!