Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Walk This Way

It was a big day at the pool. Ella walked across the length of the shallow end for the first time! Since we began aqua therapy, Pnut has been limited mostly to the area near the stairs. In fact, when she first started with Linda she couldn't even sit on the second step without the water being too deep. She has grown leaps and bounds recently, however (full disclosure) Linda also helped make this possible. Linda asked the pool people to drain some water....and they did! Today when we arrived...the pool had 5-6 inches less water.

Ella walking in the shallow end of
the pool for the first time!
 The now minus-two-foot shallow end is still up to Ella's chin, but she managed to walk the length just like the "big kids". She seemed pretty pleased with herself. Of course, Jason and I were thrilled! It's just another big accomplishment for Pnut. The expanded pool territory also gives Linda a chance to work on new things with Ella. I can't wait to see what she thinks of next...though I'm not sure we can top draining the pool :-) We are very grateful for Linda and her persistence, dedication, and love for Ella!

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